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A book I thought was interesting and easy to read is "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" by Michael Pollan (who also has other great books). A conclusion of his is to eat 'real' food. Humans have evolved to digest and be sustained by real food. Unhealthy eating habits stem in large part from our brains being confused by highly processed modern foods with artifical additives that trick us into thinking we're getting what our body needs.
Here are some interesting websites I found if you want a convenient way to buy 'healthy/real' (to varying degrees). Might be worthwhile if you're willing to spend the money:
Here is a place a friend of mine likes to take his family to relax and to experience all this... maybe I will go one of these days:

Thanks for commenting! I actually do spend the extra $ to subscribe to
Planet Organics. The quality is worth the cost and getting healthy,
seasonal produce delivered has at times forced me to learn new recipes (what
do I do with this trumpet mushroom, green fig, or rainbow chard at my
doorstep?!). Also a fan of Niman Ranch when we do eat meat. I am grateful
to have been raised in a household where quality foods and staying healthy
were always emphasized.

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